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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FLIP FLAPPIN' Excitement!

Wierd tite?  I tried to come up with something clever.  First things first. picked comment #4 last week, so Crystal, you are the winner.  Congrats!!  I'll be in touch!

I'm going to start with this weeks give away.  I am SO excited for the sale that starts tomorrow.  So, everyn one of my customers that places an order on my website ( and comes back and comments here will be entered into this weeks giveaway!

So, here's the breakdown.
  • Go to my website -
  • Click shop online
  • Find the $2, $4, $6 for 8 sale and click on it.
  • Order to your hearts content.  (You can add regular items as well as the sale items)
  • Check out and place your order
  • Come back and comment in the comments of THIS blog post.
  • You are entered.  It's that easy.  (Or not!)  :)
So, I am going to start giving you some sneak peaks of new products.  A few of you already have some of the products, and I have leaked a bit of information already, like the 8 new colors.  The product I am going to show you today will blow your socks off!  It is probably my FAVORITE new product.  They are called Flip Flaps.  (Get the post title now??)

You add the flip flaps to your regular page protectors to create flips and flaps (get it yet?) to your pages.  You can double, triple or quadrouple your picture surface simply by adding a flip, a flap or both!  Check out these photos.  (Heads up - this is one of the new paper packs!!)

There are 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch flaps.  (This layout uses the Magnifique paper pack) You take your base layout and put it in a page protector.  Each Flip Flap has adhesive on one side and you stick it directly to the back or front of your page protector.  There is one REALLY cool layout in the new Magic layout book (hint hint) that does a 4 in flip and an 8 inch flip combined with a 6 inch flap on both sides.  Holy Overload.

So, on to the giveaway this week.  How would you like to be one of the first to try out these flip flap pages? will pick a comment and that lucky winner will recieve a set of Flip Flaps, 10 regulary Matte page protectors and a level 2 paper pack to play with.  So, order.  Make sure you come back and leave a comment to be entered!

Next weeks giveaway will be MAGIC!!  :)


Cynthia said...

I ordered! Finally! I'm excited for new, inexpensive stuff. :-)

Cynthia said...

Since I ordered twice, I am commenting twice. :-) Yay!

Amber said...

I just ordered my stuff! Tried to order this morning before we headed out but the website was WAY slow so I had to give it up... and of course I missed a lot of the ones I wanted. So bummed. At least there was a few left that I wanted.

Sassy Lewis said...

Amber, I ordered a few extra. I'll e-mail you the list and if you are interested in them, they are yours!

Amber said...

Thanks Sassy!! There were a few that I was really wanting, so I would love to see the list of what you got extra of!! Have I mentioned how awesome you are? Cuz you are!

Shelby said...

i ordered some great stuff! just wish i'd caught the sale earlier!! love it.

start a scrapbooking business said...

Love the site!