National Stamping Month

September is National Stamping month. CTMH put together a double stamp set for $5 with a $35 qualifying purchase. Contact me for details.

Friday, July 30, 2010

CTMH Sale $2, $4 & $6 for 8!!

We interupt this Summer of Giveaways for an important announcement!  :)  CTMH has announced a Killer Sale.  In my 5 years with the company, I have not seen a sale like this.  My Stickease for $2, Level 1 kits for $4 and Level 2 kits for $6.  Leave a comment with your e-mail (will NOT be used for anything else) if you are interested in a list of products.  During these 8 days, you will not be able to buy any of these prodcuts any other way.  You are looking at a greater than 50% savings.  I am getting up early that day!!!

EDIT:  Thanks Crystal for reminding me to post the days.  The sale will be from August 4th - August 11th.  It starts at 9 am Mountain Standard time on the 4th. 


Crystal said...

FYI: You might want to post on here the days :) Love ya!

Amber said...

Oh me! Please email me the list Sassy> Thanks so much!